Juniorprofessur "Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Digitale Transformation" (W1 mit Tenure Track auf W3)

The School of Management and Technology at Leuphana University of Lüneburg invites applications for the following junior professorship with tenure track: Business Administration, in particular Digital Transformation (W1 with Tenure Track leading to W3).

Frist: 28.09.2022


Leuphana is a young university that emphasizes innovation, rather than tradition. lt aspires to create a stimulating space for the collective search for knowledge and sustainable solutions. Our success is based on the creativity and energy of our professors and academic staff. We encourage researchers to cross disciplinary boundaries, take responsibility and impact on society. We convey this understanding to our students in teaching, research projects and campus life. 
At Leuphana, every course of study is built on a holistic approach. The emphasis is on socially relevant issues instead of subjects. For our students, this means engaging in different scientific approaches from day one. We promote in particular female students in their scientific and technical interests and education. 

The School of Management and Technology inspires business and society through bridging management and technology as well as entrepreneurial thinking and critical reflection. We build a community for ground-breaking ideas and combine disciplinary strengths from the fields of management, business informatics, engineering, and psychology into a unique interdisciplinary profile that advances knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking, and responsible action in business and society.

According to the Shanghai ranking, our school is #1 in Lower Saxony and #14 in Germany in the area of management. The school has signed UN Principles of Responsible Management Education, is the first German member of the renowned Global Business School Network (GBSN), and is on the road to becoming the first AACSB-accredited university in Northern Germany. The school has established broad connections to regional business and governments through development and transfer projects, bringing practitioners into the classroom, and giving students the opportunity to meet potential employers during their studies.



The professorship advances an understanding of the ways in which digital transformation shapes, and is shaped by management. Your research is informed by broader theoretical debates in management, meets the highest standards of empirical studies, and bridges themes around digital transformation with areas of management such as organization studies or strategic management. Fields in the area of management that the professorship could inform with a focus on digital transformation include, but are not limited to creativity, organizational identity, organizational routines, participation and inclusion, power and politics, space, strategy as practice, strategy as process, time and temporality, and transparency. With these or other themes, the professorship pays into “digital transformation” as one of the School of Management and Technology’s profile areas.

The position is also intended to be complementary to existing research on the psychological, technological, or cultural sides of the digital transformation by contributing an organizational/strategic view. At the same time, the professorship is expected to give broader impulses to further developing the school’s profile areas “entrepreneurship” and/or “responsible management”. Therefore, in teaching, the incoming Professor for Digital Transformation will offer electives with a focus on digital transformation and its intersections with entrepreneurship and/or responsible management. Prospectively, the Professorship for Digital Transformation will also shape the management programs by offering introductory management courses and directing one of these programs. Beyond research and teaching, you are willing to inspire and educate students as well as non-academics to make a sustainable impact on people, organizations, and society.

You share the idea of the university as an educational community. As a scholar with the willingness to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration at the School of Management and Technology and beyond, you will participate in PhD education and make contributions to the Digital Transformation Research Center as well as the research group on Entrepreneurial Organization at the Research Center for Entrepreneurship with your own original profile.

You strive for establishing a vibrant international network and developing an internationally visible research program. This is ideally demonstrated by at least one publication in a highly-ranked journal in the area of management (A or A+ according to VHB Jourqual 3 or 4 or 4* according to the Academic Journal Guide), initial experience or participation in research or industry grant applications (ideally DFG), as well as contributions to leading national and international scientific associations and conferences (AOM, EGOS, SMS, WK ORG, etc.).

You have an excellent command of the English language. Ideally, you have spent some time of your career at a leading international business school, and you have a track record for teaching classes in English. If you do not speak German, you are willing to learn it within a reasonable period.

Formal requirements are (according to § 30 (2) of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG)) a university degree in a discipline relevant to the open position; your aptitude for teaching; and your ability to engage in independent academic research as demonstrated by the outstanding quality of your dissertation. 

The junior professorship will be filled in accordance with pay grade W1 and is initially limited to a period of three years. The position will be extended for an additional three years, subject to a positive academic evaluation (in accordance with the guidelines for the mid-term evaluation of junior professors of Leuphana University of Lüneburg). After six years, a positive tenure evaluation process according to the Tenure-Track Regulations of Leuphana University of Lüneburg will lead to a W3 full-time professorship.

At Leuphana, you will find an academic community that is open to changes in perspective and cultivates the dialogue among the different disciplines as weil as between research and practice. With spirit and initiative, we address the challenges of civil society in the 21st century. Pursuing our idea of liberal education, we enable our students to think, reflect and act upon it. 0ur professors foster the awareness of gender and diversity aspects in teaching and research. 
Please contact the Dean of the School of Management and Technology, Prof. Dr. Paul Drews (paul.drews@leuphana.de) for further information. 
Leuphana University is an equal opportunities employer. The university aims to increase its number of female professors. Qualified women are especially invited to apply.

Please submit your application (without submission of an application photo) consisting of the following materials in two separate PDF files: a) motivation letter, CV, copies of academic degrees and b) three relevant publications. Please enclose the completed application form with your documents. Guidance on the required application materials can be found here.

Applications should be sent preferably by email using the keyword Digital Transformation (W1TTW3) to beko@leuphana.de or to the President of Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Post Box 2440, 21314 Lüneburg, Germany, by September 28, 2022. Please be aware that we cannot return application documents sent physically.

By submitting your application, you consent to your data being stored and processed for the purpose of the recruitment process. Please note our Data Protection Notice for Applicants (in English or in German). 



When applying for a professorship at Leuphana, please be aware that the formal requirements are prescribed by law and cannot be overruled by the selection committee. Your documents should provide concise insight into your unique scientific profile and how you and your achievements will contribute to Leuphana University. The selection committee will review the three publications you hand in to identify their versatility and suitability for the position. These publications should be indicative of the scientific aptitude, quality and scope of your work. When studying the CV, the committee will take into account any circumstances that impede academic advancement, such as childbirth or care. Please do not include an application photo in your CV. 


The appointment of a professor in Germany is a formal process that typically takes between 6 to 12 months and involves a number of steps. A selection committee (Berufungskommission) is established specifically for the purpose of selecting the most promising candidates, it consists of professors, students, and scientific and administrative staff. The committee takes the time to review the applications and publications thoroughly and to invite the most suitable candidates to Leuphana. The meeting will include a personal interview, a scientific presentation and a test lecture. At that stage, the committee may also ask you to provide futher details such as research or teaching concepts. Usually, the best three candidates are then assessed by peers from other universities on the basis of the submitted application documents. Considering these assessments, the committee ranks the candidates according to suitability and recommends them for appointment. The list needs approval from the university boards: the Department Council, University's Senate, Presidential Committee and Board of Trustees. Once the list has been approved, the first candidate will be invited to take up negotiations with regard to ressources and remuneration, receiving a letter of appointment. Should the offer be turned down by one candidate, the following person on the list will be contacted. 


As a professor in Germany, you will be elevated to civil servant status if you meet the personal requirements (i.e. pass an official medical examination, provide a certificate of good conduct). This status is beneficial in terms of salary, pension, health insurance and employment security when compared to other academic employment. lf the position you are applying for is not designated as temporary, appointment for life is intended after a probation period. The salary follows a state pay scheme (W-Besoldung), for full professors it allows for individual bonuses depending on their performance. 

The civil service status is established not by an employment contract, but by a "certificate of appointment". lf appointment as a civil servant is not possible, your will be employed under contract. A separate agreement between you and Leuphana, which is subject of the negotiation preceding your appointment, will define the resources and services provided by the university as weil as the contribution you will make to research, teaching and the development of Leuphana University.